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My Hygge

The beauty of hygge is it is as unique for each individual as the prints on their fingers. My hygge comes to me in many forms: the perfect pair of jeans, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, my toes in warm sand, or when I change into comfortable clothes at the end of a long day. My heart breathes a sigh of contentment and gratitude for the people in my life and the light they bring in; my family and friends as well as my employees and clients, all work to bring a deep level of appreciation and happiness to my world. This is my hygge.

When I think of my “most hygge” moment, what occurs to me was the time I had the fortune to observe my step-son completely absorbed in his hygge. We were snorkeling in Saint Kitts, enjoying the wildlife and warm waters. My step-son Jaden has always loved the water and I consider it one of his happy places. At one point, I swam alongside Jaden and realized that I could hear him humming underneath the water. I’d never heard this kid hum before. It was a moment where he was free to just be an uninterrupted kid enthralled with his surroundings. His contentment and happiness radiated, enhancing my experience as well. It was definitely one of my most “hygge” moments- all was in alignment, the world could not have been better that day, and his humming was like a huge warming hug in the ocean!

To make your home more hygge… I suggest getting in touch with yourself. Find what you like, what makes you smile, what feels like a hug to you. When something calls to you, explore it. Use these natural inclinations to create a space of comfort and contentment for you and your family. I think it can be easy to buy into a notion of what hygge should look like, but everyone is unique. Find what does it for you and seize it. Chase your own happiness. Look for your own hygge.